contemporary art 2015

BACK DOWN UNDER by Christopher Jewitt

First series of paintings since returning from 1+1/2 years overseas.

Modern Man Cave by Christopher Jewitt

Spanish Experiments. Stage 1. by Christopher Jewitt

Final works completed in France for 2015 by Christopher Jewitt

christopher jewitt final works completed in france in 2015 oil on canvas 185cm x 260cm

Dear France,

You have been a rural Pierre Puvis de Chavannes tripper-snipper coupe of Le Rustique camembert on Jean-Louis French oak log's from Christophe's wood yard fired oven bread, slightly charred base with small remnants of coal, eat too much and your stomach huffs as an extinguished well used fire place during European harsh winters running non-stop-like for fear of cold-feet-on-floor-don't-like-wearing-slippers-coz-my-feet-will-sweat friendly place. Basically, you kept me on my toes, you kept me warm and sometimes cold and you allowed me to feel gut buzzers as good slugs of Pere Magloire Fine V.S. Calvardos will give you on a lonely evening.

Thank you so much.


Neuf Jardins d'Eden finally photographed by Christopher Jewitt

It's always difficult photographing large paintings. Even more so when the paintings are taller than the height of most ceilings. We find ways of doing things even if it causes our thermals to dampen with sweat on a cold day.

My soft box lighting? The chromatic sky.

My camera? An out of date Sony Cyber-shot. 

The results? Far better than expected. Check out the new work titled, Neuf Jardins d'Eden.


nine gardens of eden photoshoot